This is the place to discover places to stay,

visit and re-fuel

during your walking adventure in Snowdonia.


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Why another website?

Good question...

www.snowdoniaslatetrail.org concentrates on the logistics of following the Snowdonia Slate Trail and is operated by the Snowdonia Slate Trail Trust.

This website is not owned by the Snowdonia Slate Trail Trust but will help you to find a place to stay. You'll need to re-fuel and walking is thirsty work, so we also show places where you can find refreshments along the Trail.

overview basemapThe route itinerary is dictated to some extent by the availability of accommodation.  Here, we include information about facilities along the route but Trail followers may be able to negotiate travel arrangements with accommodation owners. We have not sampled these facilities so take no responsibility for the standard of your stay!

We suggest you look at Trip Advisor and make your own judgement. A number of the facilities are located just off the Trail but judicious use of the OS map and alternative footpaths will get you back on track. This list includes accommodation opportunities all along the Trail, providing you with the opportunity to tailor the walk to suit the time you have available.

Don't forget that the Apple mobile app will show your current position on the trail map. The Android app will be available shortly.
Please remember that mobile phone coverage is patchy in Snowdonia, so book in advance.
The Snowdonia Slate Trail logo is used with the permission on the Snowdonia Slate Trail Trust.

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